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When Christmas Hurts

Christmas is a time for great cheer and happiness... well it's meant to... and nothing fills the heart more than time with loved ones. Nothing makes Christmas more fun and exciting as spending it with children and watching their little faces light up with the wonder and magic of Christmas. So what happens when your loved ones are you children whom you don't get to see over Christmas? Many parents are entangled in horrible custody battles over their children. The emotional pain and toll it takes, the costs, and the injustices can be unbearable, especially on those important days of the year when they spend it alone without their children. Instead of bringing joy, Christmas can bring great heartbreak and stretch people beyond what feels like their capacity to cope with the pain. I personally have a few friends who don't get to see their children on Christmas Day or over the Christmas and New Year festivities. Women and men, broken when a part of them is missing. Whatever the reason, for there are many, sending love to those who are hurting and without their children on the greatest time of year that represents family, love and happiness


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