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The simplest thing can Trigger a reaction within your body

When my sister was sick, before she had her operation to remove a brain tumour, she received a lot of flowers in hospital. So much so, we needed to hunt through the visitor's kitchenette of the hospital to locate more vases because she had used up all the ones the nurses originally gave her. Not so nice, experience number 1.

When my sister died, six months later, Soooooooo many flowers were sent to our home. A lovely gesture by caring family, friends and a supportive community. I still remember all the flowers in the lounge room. That was shitty experience number 2.

When my boyfriend at the time saw me for the first time after my sister died, he gave me the most beautiful little bouquet of flowers. Truly they were so pretty and he was perfect to do what he did. Nonetheless, super sad Experience number 3.

Then came the day of the funeral - flowers lay outside the church and then of course there were the flowers on the the funeral and burial - Hideous experiences number 4 and 5

The last experiences in particular were some of the worst experiences of my life. They were highly intensive, negative, emotional experiences and I was helpless and unable to change anything that was happening in my life.