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The story behind my business name

My Aunty Margaret was born into a time when women in the workforce become teachers or secretaries. Her passion though, she told me many years ago was natural therapies. I'm quite certain that if she was born a few decades later, she would have chosen to study naturopathy or something similar in that vein of work. For my aunty, that was not an option, nor meant to be.

It wasn't until she retired from being a school teacher in her 60's, that she studied what she truly loved; natural therapies, in particular Mora Therapy which uses a Mora machine. It's very cool, drastically helped her extreme health issues and personally it helped me emotionally and physically as well.

One Christmas, after returning from India and being really unwell, shivering on hot Summers day, it was my aunty (and her machine) that picked up I had malaria. I was unable to properly sit upright in her treatment chair but when I left (although still very weak but far improved), I was able to walk to the car where my mum drove to my local GP for western medical help as well.

My aunty's business name was 'Moralife'. A nice play on words I always thought.

Moralife!! I Who doesn't want Moralife!!

When my aunty retired from her therapy work, I took on and adapted that name for my business; More Alive Therapies. I accompany that with 'For a Lighter, Brighter You' but ultimately my purpose is to help people feel more alive.

Many people are living half a life or kind of feel dead inside (and this used to be me). I know that when pain is removed, natural joy and happiness floats right up to the surface. The name of my business really has a personal meaning to me and I really quite love that I carry a bit of my aunty's business name and spirit with my business.

Today, as I write this, my aunty is dying and is expected to make her transition. We know it's coming. This is what's made me sit and think about her and her influence in my life. She loved that I took on her business name. We spent a lot of hours speaking about natural health and remedies. I hope to make her proud by helping others feel More Alive and thus experience MoraLife - as I know was the spirit, intent and purpose behind her own business.

My aunty has since passed away peacefully

Margaret Jones 17/12/43 - 17/2/21

Rest in Peace now Aunty Margaret


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