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Sometimes the damage done from alcohol is Invisible.

Bruises, sprains, strains and broken limbs. Sometimes to the drinker, sometimes to the innocent people around the drinker. Fights with strangers in a pub, club or sporting venues can turn bloody very quickly. Jealousy, aggression, rage can be unleashed within seconds if someone bumps into the wrong person and spills their drink on them or says something stupid and offends them. Things, that if they happened when they was sober, they may very well have the moral fortitude to 'just let it go' or the clarity of mind to see it for what it is, an accident or a drunk person making a stupid remark.

Aggressive drunks are not fun to be around and can be dangerous. Grown adults with alcohol surging through their blood and adrenaline pumping through their body, together with pent up anger inside or self hatred, who don't have the clarity of mind to make sound decisions can be ticking time bombs.

What about when that abuse is taken home and taken out on loved ones; partners and children? The undeserving victims of somebody else's addiction or dependency on alcohol. The undeserving victims of somebody's inability to manage their own emotional state.

If you need help managing your emotional state and regain your power over alcohol so that you can put an end to the destruction and hurt, help is out there. Address the shame and the self hatred and all the hurt inside. Address the underlying reasons as to why you drink in the first place so that you can go about rebuilding relationships that may have been destroyed. Everybody deserves to be happy and to know and feel true personal self respect and pride.


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