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Thank you for Helping us

I created this hypnosis audio as a direct result of seeing all of the distress around the world and the toll it is taking on our medical staff and first responders. 


May you know your hard work is appreciated and deeply valued.  Thank you. 


Take a moment to close your eyes, put your headphones on and sink into the deep and powerful effect that is hypnosis.   Allow this powerful recording to help you relax, recharge and be renewed.

Best Wishes,

Rebecca Jones

      - x  -

* Special thanks to Chris Collins from

for the beautiful soundtrack  Zen Flow

* This audio is not recommended for any person suffering epilepsy

* Do not listen to this recording when you are driving a vehicle, operating any form of machinery or doing anything that requires your full attention

* For best results listen to this recording everyday for 21 days and thereafter whenever you wish

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