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You never know who has a problem with alcohol

When somebody thinks of the 'typical person' struggling with alcohol, often the image of a homeless person drinking their alcohol in a brown paper bag comes to mind. Realistically, we know that's a stereotypical type shown on TV and not a true representation of reality.

Realistically, we know it extends much further in our society and that anyone can be struggling with the grips and struggles of alcohol dependency; a family man, a lawyer, a mum, a young twenty something student, an accountant, a tradie, a famous actor, an unknown waiter. Alcohol does not come in a cookie cutting box set.

There can be certain predispositions leading to alcohol dependency, of which past trauma can be one. No-one ever really knows the hidden pain someone carries inside and you certainly never know the struggles of the stranger standing in front of you at the supermarket or of the gorgeous instagram model touting her fabulous life.

Wealth, status, beauty, intelligence, popularity, having a partner or having children do not give immunity against alcohol dependency. The problem is widespread and it's hidden amongst a socially acceptable past time.


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