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My clients need to be de-hypnotised first before change is created

As a hypnotherapist, it can be heartbreaking hearing the stories of clients when they share with me (whilst under hypnosis) some of the things caregivers said to them when they were little.

Adults who were entrusted with the lives of innocent, defenceless little children. Caregivers whose job it was to keep them safe and free from harm, whose job it was to help them grow into their fullest potential and best versions of themselves. Sadly, for many of my clients, that isn't always the case.

For some, they experienced verbal abuse far to graphic to write here, but it takes no stretch of the imagination to surmise the cruelty and evil that can be said by some adults to a small helpless child, words often rooted in hate and contempt.

Sometimes, I have to be careful to not let me own voice quiver from the emotions that momentarily come over me when my clients repeats to me the cruelty that was inflicted on them or when I hear the

barrage of heinous words that rained upon them, when they were young children. My clients who are now all grown up, took in those words to their very core and came to believe that they truly were "good for nothing", not wanted and that nobody would ever want them or love them.

In time, the voice of the abuser becomes their own internal voice.

No wonder some people who've experienced such traumatic childhoods like this and who believe those awful things that were said to them, drink today. I probably would too if I lived their life and believed what they believed.