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When alcohol is 'paired' with a business meeting

Businessmen and women, CEO's, sales managers, entrepreneurs with start up companies, one thing many of them have in common is mixing business with alcohol. An expectation often required at such levels of business, designed to impress, entertain and oftentimes used as a way to 'loosen up' and create a more relaxed environment.

A box office entertainment pass here, a golf club event there, awards nights, presentations, sales pitches, more often than not, alcohol goes hand in hand with these events. Wheeling and dealing, landing clients or closing a deal over brunches, lunches, dinners, business meetings and 'social events'. What begins innocent enough in the beginning can become a problem when there is little reprise.

Alcoholism doesn't happen overnight, it takes hold with repetition. What can begin innocently, really can develop into a problem. What can start off with a drink being 'paired' with a meal can change over time to the drink becoming the main course and the food the sidekick 'pairing'.

If you recognise that alcohol has become a part of your life more than you ever intended it to be, then now is the time to seek help. There is no shame in it. In fact, power to you for recognising you have a problem and for doing something about it. It's better to address it whilst it's a form of dependency instead waiting and then being forced to do something about it down the track. Once you cross over that thresh hold into a full blown physical addiction to alcohol; that's a whole new world of pain.

If you've worked so hard to get to where you are in life today but alcohol is playing a larger part of your life then you ever wanted it to, then reach out and seek the help of a professional if you ned it. There is a way to get your life back on track. You can turn things around before it costs you the things that you've worked so hard to achieve.


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