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My only concerns when I was 16 years old was what I was going to wear to the next party.  At the same time, my older sister underwent an operation to remove a brain tumour.  After being in a coma for six months, she passed away having turned 21 in a coma.  My world and my family's world was shattered.  I withdrew as a result and lost/pushed away those closest to me.


Grief is a normal part of life, but I had not at that point, developed good coping skills to say the least.  The grief I experienced was out of balance and completely all consuming.   At 18, as I left high school, when it could have been an exciting time in my life, I was instead crying myself to sleep every night for two years and was enormously withdrawn.  

That was over two decades ago now.  In that time, I continued to privately struggle - with life.  I knew and those around me knew that I was enormously impacted by my sisters death but what I didn't fully comprehend was that I was actually traumatised by it all.  ICU, saying goodbye as machines were turned off, the hope and ongoing stress and uncertainty as she remained in a coma, the hospital visits, her actual death, the viewing,  the funeral...   Through all of that came 'learnt helplessness'; not being able to help my sister or my precious family who were suffering the worst kind of loss imaginable; a daughter, a sister.


The beliefs formed in those experiences and the effects of the trauma changed the trajectory of my life.  I was walking around with some very damaging and disempowering beliefs about myself and about life after my sister died. These beliefs impacted relationships, hopes and dreams and overall decisions I made in how I lived my life.  Beliefs and vows I made to myself about myself and about life whilst I had not yet fully mentally matured and whilst in the midst of deep pain and suffering.

I searched....and searched..... over many years and now through my own healing, I can help others with the best of what worked for me in a fraction of the time. 

If it feels to you, like I'm the right person who can help you with where you are at in life, then lets begin your powerful, liberating, transformation today. 

  • Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist - Marisa Peer

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist - Marisa Peer

  • Faster EFT Therapist - Robert Smith

  • Life Coach - Results Coaching Certification - Ben Harvey 

  • Life Coach - Causes and Upgrades of Stress Related Illness - Mentoring Institute

  • Beauty Therapist - Victoria University of Technology

  • Sports & Relaxation Massage Therapist - Melbourne School of Tactile Therapies

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