passionate about helping others

I specialise in emotions and mindset.  I use my highly trained skills to free people from the pain and obstacles that are holding them back from a happier, healthier, more joyful life.


My clients take an active role in their transformation. My clients do their part, I do my part, and together we collaborate.  

My style is one of nurturing and  encouragement. I hold a clear vision of the health, freedom, happiness and peace that my clients are wanting to obtain, when it's difficult for them to see or believe.

Let me help elevate your life as I have done my own and help you step forward into a Lighter and Brighter You

If it feels to you, like I'm the right person who can help you with where you're at in life right now, then book a strategy call so that we can begin your powerful, transformation today 
  • Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist - Marisa Peer

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist - Marisa Peer

  • Faster EFT Therapist (Meridian Tapping) - Robert Smith

  • Life Coach - Results Coaching Certification - Ben Harvey 

  • Life Coach - Causes and Upgrades of Stress Related Illness - Mentoring Institute

  • Beauty Therapist - Victoria University of Technology

  • Sports & Relaxation Massage Therapist - Melbourne School of Tactile Therapies

"I am ready for Change"

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