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I help people deal with the painful and traumatic experiences from their past so they can feel peace and joy again, without spending years on therapy

What isTrauma?

Trauma response is unique to each person, although there are common symptoms that can be typically clustered together.  Even when people in the same family are exposed to the same traumatic experience, they can and oftentimes do, respond differently. 

Unresolved trauma is something that was too overwhelming for an individual to process and cope with at the time and in which remains unresolved in the mind and body of the individual.

Signs & Symptoms of Trauma 

Confidence issues

Decline in mental clarity and focus

Becoming a workaholic - over achiever

Unhealthy boundaries - Desperate to be loved, can stay in unhealthy & sometimes unsafe relationships 

From over sexualised behaviour to sexual dysfunction or sexual frigidity

Trust issues

Relationship Problems

Hypervigilance - extreme or excessive alert to danger or a threat, jumpy, easily startled, overly reactive



Flashbacks - repetitive, intrusive thoughts

Anger issues, emotional outbursts

Excess crying, crying for no apparent reason

Dissociation, withdrawal, emotional numbness

Substance abuse

Self harm

Lack of Joy

Loss of hope

Suicidal Tendencies

Disorders related to Trauma



Acute Stress Disorder (ASD)

Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)

Obsessive Compulsory Disorder (OCD)

Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder (DSED)

Functional Neurological Dissociative Disorder (FND)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Unresolved trauma and trauma symptoms is not a sign of weakness but rather a very real response to a situation that was emotionally and physically, exceptionally overwhelming and in which has left a lasting, negative effect on the individual.

Healing from Trauma

People intrinsically want to feel better but unfortunately don’t know how to achieve this and it’s through no fault of their own. It’s certainly not through lack of trying but willpower alone cannot over ride the subconscious underlying problem of unresolved trauma. Nor can it just undo the stuck physiological response of the body to the past deeply, impactful trauma.


Fortunately, with advances in therapy, THERE ARE WAYS to process an individual's trauma in a non invasive, non threatening, non re-traumatising way. This means that as an individual deals with an old experience, neurologically, the brain can 'refile that experience away'. 


This enables the mind and body to process and discharge the effects of the trauma in a safe and effective way, which can produce outstanding results in reducing trauma symptoms in an individual.

Trauma & Alcohol

"Your audio was like Heaven for my Soul"


  You are enough

You are loveable

You belong

You matter



"I knew that I needed to get help and finally deal with abuse that happened in my childhood.  I don't trust people easily, so when I met Rebecca, I knew that if I was ever going to work on the abuse, then Rebecca was the person I trusted to work on it with.  I'm so glad I went to her.  There was a particular moment in the session where I felt something change in me, I kind of felt lighter.  I listened to my audio religiously every day.


I also lost about 5 kilos over a few weeks after the session without even trying, which was a bonus seeing we didn't actually work on weight.  I have spent 40+ years of my life avoiding dealing with that abuse, just pushing my pain down and I can't believe how much of a difference I felt in 2 hours".



"Yep, I still feel better from that session. That definitely worked".

Anne, Melbourne


"I had an amazing therapy session with Rebecca. Her gentle and extremely intuitive way of working, helped me to see and understand why I had my issues. 

Rebecca has a real gift to help you to understand what really caused your issues even if it means visiting very painful moments from your past. The most amazing wonder and relief happened to me during and after the session. 

After so many years of carrying pain and sadness about my massive loss of losing my childhood best friend, and seeing counsellors for help, Rebecca was the one who helped me shift. I finally can look at happy childhood memories and look at them without the dark shadow of feeling the loss but actually smiling and being happy about the time I had. For so many years, all my memories were only stained with the dark sadness but due to Rebecca and RTT I finally can breath again when thinking back! 

This is the most amazing gift I could have, and for not one moment did I even dare to wish for this to happen, as all counsellors/therapists beforehand were nice, but could not help me in that way.

I highly recommend Rebecca as a therapist! 5 Stars out of 5!"

Verena, Austria


"I have Functional Neurological Dissociative Disorder (FND),PTSD, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, I am so Blessed to be a client of Bec's. She has helped me so much to deal with my condition and the various aspects that are associated with the condition. In fact she has been a life saver since the Neuroscience Department at the Mater Brisbane Hospital was closed down in 2019. I was lead to look for Alternative Healthcare with a more holistic approach to my conditions. More Alive Therapies has and still does provide the help and support I need. Thank you Bec!" 🙏🌻

Annie, Brisbane


"My older brother sexually abused me when I was a child over a period of several years.  Not a day went by since the abuse began that it didn't effect me in some way or another.  I thought about him and what he did daily. 

At the age of 52, I had one session with Rebecca and I immediately stopped thinking about my brother every day and if I do think of him now, it's just a fleeting thought.  It's very different now.

Also since the session, my relationships have improved as I have more trust in people, including my family and husband.

I know there's more for me to work on with Rebecca, but I just love that I don't think about him every day anymore. I feel free."

Crystal, Gold Coast


"Bec helped me more than the therapy I was ordered to take by the courts including a counsellor and a psychiatrist who I was seeing weekly, then fortnightly for several months".

Pete, Ipswich

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