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Sometimes we treat others better than ourselves

How do YOU treat the most important person in your life?

Most people will say with respect, kindness, and love. Usually we encourage our loved ones when they are trying to do something that is difficult. We praise them for their positive intentions and efforts. We forgive them when they stumble. We are happy to see loved ones and enjoy spending time with them. Typically, we are thoughtful and nice but how many people can say they treat themselves the same way they treat their favourite person?

How many people speak kindly to themselves when they fall or make a mistake? How many people enjoy their own company and like who they are? How many people look in the mirror and accept themselves and dare I say love the person staring back at them?

It's not a luxury to look after yourself and recharge. In fact, in order to be a happier, healthier, stronger person, a better lover, a calmer parent, and a more focussed individual, it's important to recharge the batteries and practice self care.

Be gentle with yourself and accept the person who looks back at you in the mirror for they're doing their best. After all, they are the one person who will be with you right up until your final breath. Learn to love that person and learn to treat yourself the same way you would treat the most important person in your life?

If you would like help in breaking free from the destructive cycle and self punishing behaviour of drinking, then get in touch with me. I'd love to help you one your journey

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