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Unresolved Grief Friendship - Hypnosis

I had an amazing therapy session with Rebecca. Her gentle and extremely intuitive way of working, helped me to see and understand why I had my issues. 

Rebecca has a real gift to help you to understand what really caused your issues even if it means visiting very painful moments from your past. The most amazing wonder and relief happened to me during and after the session. 

After so many years of carrying pain and sadness about my massive loss, and seeing counsellors for help, Rebecca was the one who helped me shift. I finally can look at happy childhood memories and look at them without the dark shadow of feeling the loss but actually smiling and being happy about the time I had. For so many years, all my memories were only stained with the dark sadness but due to Rebecca and RTT I finally can breath again when thinking back! 

This is the most amazing gift I could have, and for not one moment did I even dare to wish for this to happen, as all counsellors/therapists beforehand were nice, but could not help me in that way.

I highly recommend Rebecca as a therapist! 5 Stars out of 5!

Alcohol Dependency - Hypnosis

Thanks Bec so much for helping me with my drinking. After working with you, I now feel so empowered because I have let go of the pain and grief of my childhood. I had one session with you and I went from relying on alcohol everyday to choosing when I want to drink socially and most importantly stopping when I choose to. My family are so happy with the positive changes in me and so am I.

 Funcional Neurological Dissociative Disorder (FND)
- Hypnosis & Tapping

I have Functional Neurological Dissociative Disorder (FND),PTSD, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, I am so Blessed to be a client of Bec's. She has helped me so much to deal with my condition and the various aspects that are associated with the condition. In fact she has been a life saver since the Neuroscience Department at the Mater Brisbane Hospital was closed down in 2019. I was lead to look for Alternative Healthcare with a more holistic approach to my conditions. More Alive Therapies has and still does provide the help and support I need. Thank you Bec! 🙏🌻

Infertility - Hypnosis

"My husband and I had been struggling to conceive for five years. We exhausted so many medical pathways with no success. I considered hypnotherapy because I believed there was a possibility something in my subconscious was blocking my ability to conceive. After my first session with Rebecca I was blown away. She helped me to tap into some memories in my life that I never considered had anything to do with my ability to conceive. Her recording really helped me to retrain some of my thinking about having a baby. In the weeks after our session I just knew I would fall pregnant and even sensed the gender - something that had been a major focus in the recording. I’m pleased to say I quickly conceived right after my session with Rebecca. I absolutely credit Rebecca’s work in helping me conceive and I am forever grateful to her for making me realise the potential of my mind"

Confidence for a Media Interview (T.V.) - Hypnosis

Rebecca gave me a great RTT session before an interview for a National television show. It was awesome. We uncovered things I didn't expect and the very next day, I was feeling really excited, happy and looking forward to the interview. I felt confident and relaxed.  I could feel the shift the next day. I'm now looking forward to more media appearances and now look forward to public speaking opportunities.

Childhood Sexual Abuse - Hypnosis

I knew that I needed to get help and finally deal with abuse that happened in my childhood.  I don't trust people easily, so when I met Rebecca, I knew that if I was ever going to work on the abuse, then Rebecca was the person I trusted to work on it with.  I'm so glad I went to her.  There was a particular moment in the session where I felt something change in me, I kind of felt lighter.  I listened to my audio religiously every day.


I also lost about 5 kilos over a few weeks after the session without even trying, which was a bonus seeing we didn't actually work on weight.  I have spent 40+ years of my life avoiding dealing with that abuse, just pushing my pain down and I can't believe how much of a difference I felt in 2 hours.

Picking at Skin - Hypnosis
Ipswitch, Qld

I can’t recommend Rebecca enough. I saw Rebecca for an ongoing skin issue. From the start she made sure I was comfortable with every question she asked me from our first consultation, Rebecca has the most calming and safe voice. Before our main session Rebecca sent me tools to be ready, which I listened to nightly. On the day of our session I did not once feel uncomfortable and was ready to see where this would take me. I fell into a deep sleep but felt so awake I knew every step I was taking. I confronted issues I didn’t think I needed too. I cried ... oh I cried .. I forgave the people that needed to be forgiven. I found this big issue of my skin issue. My heart feels full again, my body thanks her, my scatted thoughts are so much calmer again. Rebecca thank you for being so caring, thoughtful and being absolutely so professional and knowing your craft and helping me so much ... I’ll recommend you to everyone

Chronic Illness - Hypnosis

RTT came along at a time in my journey with chronic illness where I was experiencing very unstable health. I was in and out of hospital, getting every virus going round and I was struggling mentally. I've read a lot about how the mind can change the body's physiology and it was the RTT session with Rebecca that really allowed me to see and experience this in action. These sessions have been life changing and are a big reason I'm still standing. RTT has really helped me mentally to reframe challenging situations and this has resulted in many physical benefits. My immune system is stronger, I'm enjoying less hospital time, I've let go of a lot of emotional baggage and I feel more positive mentally. I listen to the audio under hypnosis daily which is so relaxing. I love doing it because the more I do it, the more I feel I'm making some positive shifts in my health. 

Jane xx

Healthy Boundaries - Hypnosis

I have considered myself a person who loves heping others and have always found it challenging to set boundaries and put myself first - saying no made me feel uncomfortable! It was a long held patten of behaviour, until now. I worked with Bec using RTT in a couple of sessions and listening to her recording every night for 3 weeks. Since the sessions, I have been able to be strong in setting boundaries, really pausing before saying yes to a request for my assistance and balancing whether it works for me as well as for the other person. I feel as though I can now be a loving, giving, supportive person and replenish myself.  I feel less and less burnt out by giving so much as I have noticed my ability to receive is growing more comfortable too.  What I love about Bec as a therapist is her ability to get to the heart of the matter and clear things gently. Bec's soothing voice is so calming to listen to. Thank you Bec, you're amazing !!

Self-Confidence and Hyperhidrosis (Abnormal Excessive Sweating)

I had an incredible session with Rebecca. I am really happy and impressed with the immediate impact her work had on my mind, body and spirit. I feel a noticeable difference in myself; I have had a positive shift in my self-confidence and the severity of my sweating has decreased. Due to the extreme amount I sweated in the past and before seeing Rebecca, I used to have to carry a spare shirt to change into halfway through the day, but now I no longer have to worry.

I am extremely thankful and blessed for Rebecca's help and would definately recommend Rebecca's work at More Alive Therapies to anyone seeking a positive and holistic option for change in their lives!

Anxiety, Control Issues - Hypnosis

Hey Bec, this morning, I was feeling incredibly stressed and overwhelmed. This manifested itself in back and stomach pain, which made standing almost impossible. I started to panic and my mind was racing with negative thoughts. I remembered the recording you gave me and thought I would try listening to your words and see if that helped. I cannot begin to tell you the transformation I felt within myself - mind, body and spirit! I finished the recording and I am pain free. My energy levels are restored and I'm feeling empowered to tackle the things I need to do today. Thank you for this amazing gift! Your voice is so easy to listen to and I can feel my body just float while I take in all the positive messages. I will be using it again tonight to help me sleep.

Thank you for what you do! xx

* Please note - This testimonial come through by a client listening to her preliminary audio and before her actual session.



I met Rebecca when I was going through a time of great personal struggle. I had never considered hypnotherapy before and I had no idea what to expect. Rebecca was professional and reassuring. She guided me through the process with great sensitivity and knowledge. She is so easy to talk to - it feels like I’ve known her forever. My session brought to light experiences and feelings that I had been suppressing for a long time and while the grieving has not been easy, I have gained great insight and strength from the experience and it has explained my behaviour and character traits in a new light. After the session, Rebecca made a recording for me, which I have continued to listen to daily. The recording has helped me refocus and has given me the strength to open my arms to the universe and welcome what it provides. I feel more free spirited (which was one of my goals) and open. 

Rebecca has helped me to realise that while these events have changed me, they do not define me. That my past is in the past and I truly am a valuable person. I have a renewed sense of confidence in my abilities and my choices. I started a new job and for the first time in my life, I approached this challenge without fear or anxiety. I don’t believe I would have made it through the past few months as successfully without her guidance and support. Rebecca truly has a gift and I would encourage anybody who is interested to give hypnotherapy a go, please talk with Rebecca. She will help you change your life for the better.

Difficulty with Emotions - Hypnosis

I was struggling with understanding my feelings when I was referred to Rebecca.  I had an RTT session with her and she helped me gain understanding and clarity as to what was happening to me.   I felt safe and comfortable with Rebecca. She helped guide me gently through the RTT process.  It was a wonderful experience working with her.  She made a personalised audio to listen to for 21-days. 


While listening to this recording, I felt lighter and my anxiety started decreasing.  I noticed I was more comfortable with my feelings, not feeling controlled be them anymore.  I am able to embrace and accept my feelings and this helps me continue living my life more balanced.  Rebecca is a wonderful, empathetic and compassionate therapist. I highly recommend her and RTT.  Thank you Rebecca.  

Sore, Dry Hot Eyes - Hypnosis

Hot dry eyes have been a real problem when driving. The fear of an accident was always there. Since being treated by Rebecca some two or three months ago, I am thrilled with the results. Only yesterday I drove for four hours without any problems whatsoever.

A surprising side effect has been better sleep. Previously, with hot dry eyes after too much watching television/computer, I would often struggle to get to sleep and to get sufficient restful sleep throughout the night. There has been a significant improvement regarding sleep behaviour.  

Milk Chocolate Cravings Gone - Tapping

Five years ago, I tried tapping to help overcome my constant craving for milk chocolate.  The results were effective and immediate.  I haven't craved milk chocolate ever since.

Obsessive thoughts & Anxiety in the Workplace - Hypnosis

What an experience it was having a hypnotherapy session with Rebecca! Nestled right in the heart and comfort of my home I was able to connect with Rebecca via video conference and tune into this wonderful therapy. It was easy to be comforted & guided through the entire process using the techniques and tools clearly explained.


Before this session I was dealing with way to much anxiety about my work performance, including some obsessive thoughts I could not control.  After my first session I felt empowered, able to converse confidently with all my colleagues & full of potential. I loved that a guided visualisation was recorded and I will use this valuable tool for the rest of my work life.


Thank-you Rebecca, I will recommend you to all my family & friends, so many would benefit from the warm, safely guided hypnotherapy gift you offer. ❤️❤️

Migraines, Disconnected with Emotions - Tapping

I already knew Rebecca from having two very successful RTT sessions with her.  I was struggling with a physical issue for a long time and Rebecca told me, that we could do a tapping session to resolve it. I knew tapping from YouTube and I had done it for myself a few times.

But my experience with Rebecca was quite different. She took a lot of time and guided me in a loving way through the whole process. With her by my side I felt safe to look at all the feelings and old experiences that came up. It was so interesting because I would have never thought, that they were related to my issue. I released a lot of tears and tension from my body and after the session I felt so much lighter. I was so happy to see how my issue faded over the upcoming days. 

I want to thank Rebecca for helping me. She is a very skillful, empathic, intuitive and warm therapist. I can wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca and her amazing work. 

13 Migraines in 14 days Gone - Tapping

With all the stress surrounding the current Covid-19 pandemic and the fear of the affects on my family, staff and business, I suffered 13 migraines in 14 days.

Last week, Bec did a session of tapping with me. I had no idea of the benefits that would transpire from just one session!

She removed pain from my heart and my body.  Thank you Bec and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Extreme Phobia of Dentist - Tapping

After loving my teeth and smile all my life, it was when I lost a tooth & had a very traumatic experience at the dentist that I developed a severe phobia of any dental procedures including flossing (which I would always have to brace myself to do). Since then, I have avoided going to the dentist for years (too many).  

After working with Bec to easily resolve some other issues I had, using RTT and tapping, I finally felt ready to address my teeth and the 'Dental Phobia'. 

Within one session of tapping on-line (because we live in different states), I felt calm & relaxed enough to make appointment.  This was a huge step forward as I had spent a year deliberating about even calling to book an appointment.  


On the day of the appointment, I had a second session with Bec.  It was amazing what came up for me. My teeth represented me neglecting myself & my needs - we cleared the shame and fear & moved me into an excited, empowered state.  

I walked into the dental surgery feeling really relaxed & actually excited about fixing my teeth & committing to dedicated self care.  As it turns out I need a bit of work done.  I feel like I can do this easily now & I have found the perfect dentist that meets all of my needs. I'm even feeling calm about spending the money to fix my teeth (which was an aspect that Bec & I worked on).

It will save my teeth and I'm so grateful for Bec's skill as a therapist to hone in on what I needed to clear this phobia.    

Anxiety in the Workplace

I was experiencing anxiety at work and dreading even seeing some colleagues who were rude and intimidating.   I was anxious at the thought of going to work each work and I dreaded conflict and confrontation.  As a co-ordinator at a school, I need to be able to deal with confrontation and angry parents in a calm and professional manner

I had one hypnosis session with Bec.  The last few weeks I have not felt nervous at work. When I think about it, the anxiety just went away.


...I can't believe I even had that problem at all anymore.  It's completely gone.

Greater Creativity and Focus to Write - Hypnosis

I highly recommend Rebecca, she is a professional and warm person.  Rebecca really does help you get to the root cause of whats stopping you moving forward, in whatever area of your life you want to improve.  For myself this was a block at not being able to write the book I so longed to achieve.  I haven't stopped writing since our session and I have noticed how my creativity has also increased.  If you are looking for changing anything that is not working for you in your life I recommend you contact Rebecca.

"I too, am ready for Change"

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