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Everything generally funnels back down to self worth. Some people need to learn to like themselves before they can love themselves.  When someone has a high sense of self love and self worth, their outer world changes to reflect that back to them.  Let me help you have phenomenal confidence and self belief.  Get an unshakeable sense of self worth and self love, just as nature intended.

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Marisa Peer says she's never met an addict that feels that they are enough.  Lets address the root cause of why you turn to alcohol - to cope, to escape how you're really feeling, to not feel, whatever it is for you.  Being free of a dependency like alcohol can give you back your freedom, your health, relationships and even your life.  Reclaim that power now.

Not everybody chooses to give up alcohol, some chose to cut down on their drinking and to remain a social drinker, stopping after one or two drinks. 

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Have the ability to stand tall with confidence and deliver a speech with a calm and steady voice.  Have the confidence to be able to deliver a presentation at work or speak to a group of people. Ace interviews on radio or television and present yourself at your best. Keep a calm, clear mind, be at ease in front of a camera and even have fun. 

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Our beliefs about ourselves, life and other people are acquired in our formative years.  If you were exposed to violence, neglect, or any form of abuse; physical, mental or sexual abuse, the wounds can run deep and affect all areas of your life.  There is a a way to release all of that pain, that learnt helplessness and those emotions that still reside in you today.  Develop phenomenal coping skills, learn to feel safe in the world and step into a life where you feel deserving of happiness and of a love filled life.

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A strong focus on developing phenomenal coping skills, feeling safe and releasing what needs to be released so that you can be your old self again - or better yet, a stronger, wiser more peaceful you.  Free yourself of the shackles of your past and reclaim your power and the peace that awaits you.  Give yourself the gift of being able to smile and laugh once more. There is hope and there is a way.  



Often there are underlying emotional issues behind physical pain. We identify those issues, address and release them and then use Cell Command Therapy to complete the session. CCT is a powerful style of therapy designed specifically to communicate clearly to the mind, changes what the mind needs, to make so that the body will follow suit.  Ailments with physical pain include migraines, fibromyalgia, back pain. 

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This is  not positive thinking. This is using very direct, powerful, clear directions to your mind to bring about positive, wanted changes to the body.  This may assist your immune system to fight bugs more powerfully and become stronger and healthier; thus extending the time between hospital admissions. 

Handle the stresses and setbacks that come with chronic illness, with greater resiliency and feelings of enhanced peace and acceptance.  I am inspired by my cousin who has CF and driven by the way in which hypnosis and tapping have helped her emotionally and physically.

Grandma's Healing Touch


Deal with your own personal loss, pain and suffering that comes with watching a loved one suffer with an infliction or illness.  Let out those feelings and emotions of helplessness and hopelessness. Increase your ability to cope and free yourself of your own traumatic experiences that comes with seeing a loved one suffer. Deal with your own pain, fears, trauma and loss, so that you have more to give yourself and your loved ones.

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Bullying can have a devastating effect upon its victims.  Long after those who tormented them have gone, the words and the damage done can linger on in the victims minds, having crushed their confidence, sense of belonging and general happiness. Whether old school yard bullying or current day workplace bullying, cyber bullying you can step into your power, reclaim your happiness and shine brightly as the extraordinary person you naturally are.  

I help people to let go of the painful and traumatic experiences from their past, so they can be happy, without needing years of therapy 

live your life, rather than merely exist

We are not born with our issues.  We acquire them throughout our life.  Initially by the environment we are born into and then the life we lead thereafter.  Based on those early experiences, we develop beliefs about ourselves, life, and others.  A belief is something we accept as fact, whether it is true or false. 

Some people, instead of moving through pain or letting go of the past, they get stuck in a loop of false, outdated, incorrect, disempowering beliefs that cast a shadow over their life, hindering their potential for happiness and overall success.

When you are free of past pain and limited negative thinking,  peace in your heart is achieved

When resolution from traumatic experiences is reached, your innate natural happiness is free to bubble back up to the surface.

 I can help you with:

Alcohol Dependency
An end to Self Destructive Behaviour
Resilience, overcoming Victimisation & Bullying
Abuse - Physical, Sexual, Emotional
Treating Trauma and Symptoms of PTSD
Uncontrollable Anger & Rage 
Support for Families with an ill family member
Grief & Loss
Resulting in 
Healthy Boundaries
Increased Confidence & Self Respect
Greater Joy & Happiness
More Calm and 
Peace within

"I am ready for Change"

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