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When You're a Red Hot Mess

Alcohol decreases your inhibitions and 'care factor'. It gives you a false sense of confidence and that warm fuzzy feeling that every one loves you and is your best friend.

Alcohol helps quieten the mental chatter in the head that is normally critical and cruel. Drinking makes those anxious feelings calm down, albeit though a false sense of relaxation.

Alcohol dulls the senses, slows down reaction times and co-ordination but it's 'worth it' because it stops the feeling of pain that is deep within. The burdens of life are momentarily forgotten about. Ahhhhh...

There is no need to get drunk, act out and pass out (in order to cope with life). There is a better way, a healthier way and a safer way to be free of the pain inside.

My clients deal with the true source of their underlying pain that has been tormenting them and holding them back. Pain that they have been internalising for years and in many cases, decades. For my clients to create the change that they are seeking, focus is around developing healthy coping skills. It's about increasing levels of resiliency, creating healthier boundaries and taking their power back from wherever it was left in the past. It's finding new found peace and developing self worth and self respect which will all lead to feeling safe and happy.

What a joy and honour it is to see people grow into strong, powerful individuals with a voice again, with healthy boundaries and joyful more carefree spirits.


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