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Change creates new beginnings

Stand firm to the hope inside of the life that you secretly imagine and wish for yourself. It is possible to be healthier, happier and in control over alcohol. It is possible to take your power back and rebuild a new life of healthy positive relationships, to begin new satisfying hobbies and replace old feelings with peace, strength and pride. Change is possible and it's easier than you think.

Negative emotions like shame, guilt, fear and hatred can ironically perpetuate the cycle of drinking. Addictions are a lot about really wanting to change state. They're about trying to remove oneself from one unpleasant feeling state to a more comfortable and tolerable, better feeling state.

The great news is there are ways to change state instead of resorting to drinking alcohol. Rather than having these underlying negative emotions as a constant in your life, hypnotherapy and in particular Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can be used to address the root reason for those negative emotions. The root reason is the underlying cause of why you really feel angry or sad, guilty or ashamed and feel the need to drink as a way of dealing with life or the emotions that you don't want to feel.

Instead of turning to alcohol to numb your feelings or maybe stop the thoughts that are whirling around in your head that tell you that "you aren't good enough", "people don't like you", "you're useless" or any other berating self-talk, there are other options.

Through the power of hypnosis, you can create resolution and a solution. Resolution about the past and create a solution to move forward now and into the future. This can be very powerful indeed. Hypnosis bypasses the critical thinking of the mind that typically rejects well meaning attempts that are positive affirmations and which everyone has no doubt tried at some stage or another.

Resolution can involve gaining acceptance and even achieving a certain level of peace about some past event or events. For some people this can include forgiveness, although I never make my clients forgive anyone if they do not want to. Healing is not always forgiving somebody. Although it can naturally and organically happen, it is always up the client, every single time. Sometimes though, it does involve a client needing to forgive themselves for some past mistake, whether real or perceived.

Solution involves building inner resiliency, an ability to bounce back from setbacks. An ability to stand within your power, speak your truth and know that you deserve to be treated with respect, to know that you deserve love and happiness.

Through hypnosis, I give very strong powerful commands to the client's mind whilst the mind is in an open receptive, safe space to take on the new way of thinking, feeling and behaving in the future.

When you are not walking around with these strong negative emotions that consume you, your natural state of joy, happiness and confidence rises to the surface for you to feel and for others to see. It can result in freedom from alcohol. It can mean connecting with real people again and not a bottle. It can result in a new you and a new life


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