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A smile on the outside doesn't mean that everything is OK on the inside

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves and you can see their pain and their struggles. Others put a smile on their face and hide it. Different people, different coping strategies.

A smile puts on a front. One might smile so that they don't 'fall apart' or so that loved ones won't worry or perhaps so that bosses, staff or work colleagues don't know something is 'wrong'. Different motives and reasons but ultimately, a smile helps avoid questions and unwanted conversations, another form of avoidance.

A smile can be a projection of who one wants to be, not necessarily what they feel inside. However, I do believe that anyone struggling emotionally can achieve more peace within them. I believe that when past traumas, hurts and old conditioning are worked through on a level that the mind and body feels safe in the world again or whereby self worth is restored, then happiness floats right back up to the surface.

I believe babies are born pure and joyous like a blank canvas. I believe through life experience that the purity of their innocence and brightness of their light gets covered up through that which we call life. In time, individuals live their life in accordance to the varying shades of light and darkness that they've been exposed to, endured or taken on. I also believe that the pain and darkness uncovering ones natural light can be 'uncovered'. You can't change the past but I do believe that the body can restore a sense of safety and wellbeing. When that happens, genuine smiles and authentic laughter can and typically does follow.

Change is possible and it's easier than you think. If you want to smile authentically again with more peace in your world and if you want to stop using alcohol to cover the pain, there is a way forward.


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