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Negative beliefs can be changed

Emotions always override logic. That is why will power alone, almost never yields long lasting results. It is the job of the mind to do what it thinks you want. Somewhere, somehow your mind has decided that these character traits (being shy, feeling anxious) or behaviour (drinking until you pass out, yelling at your partner or kids) is what you want or is good for you. Somewhere, somehow in life it has benefited you before and so you repeat it. Consciously you hate that you behave like you do but still you don't change. You aren't doing this to yourself deliberately, but your mind does believe that on some level, it is helping you.

So we need to figure out why you do what you do or why you behave as you do and then change it. Oftentimes it helps to discover the root cause of the problem by going back to past events. The unconscious mind knows what events you need to revisit. This understanding can be extremely liberating and often it is not what you consciously think it is.

It can be cathartic to go back and face the hurtful experiences that started this domino of chain reactions in your life today. This is not necessarily the fun part, but it is definitely better than keeping onto it forever. I've had many clients tell me that the hypnosis work that I do with them was much easier than they thought it would be. In fact, I've gotten used to hearing that. When returning to a past event (in the mind), you are reviewing it as an adult and seeing it through the eyes of an adult, with the knowledge and wisdom of today. You are not the scared, helpless or powerless child of the past, even if a part of you still feels that way, you are not. Today you are bigger and stronger and more capable than you ever were as five year old or ten year old. You are reviewing the events, not reliving them.

If it is simply too painful for you to go back to, then we take a different approach and build up your strength and resiliency in order to re-empower you, without returning to the event at all. The technique I use is not what's important, ensuring that you feel safe at all times is what is important. Safe to feel, in order to be safe to heal.

By using cutting edge, powerful tools and techniques, together we liberate you. From there we set about updating your old beliefs and subsequent behaviour, much like you update your phone or computer. You and I never think twice about updating our phones, but somehow we don't ever think about updating the programming in our own mind. Programming that was picked up in our formative years. Would you let a child control your finances? No. Would you let a child make the decisions to run the household? No. Yet we are walking around everyday with the programs we picked up when we were 2 or five or 7... and they're not even our own! They're beliefs we picked up from other people - who had problems and so on it goes.

Between the ages of zero to about seven, this is when our beliefs are formed; beliefs about ourselves and about life and our place within it. Children's brains are undeveloped and immature. Children have a limited range of understanding or true perspective on life and yet this is how it works.

When children make decisions, it is in a moment in time where they are highly emotional. These experiences could range from a bad experience in a classroom where they are feeling 'stupid' to witnessing mum and dad fight and feeling powerless to stop it. As you could imagine, the beliefs formed during such stressful events would not be positive or self appreciating. Yet, these beliefs become the basis for your identity, in which you view yourself and the world around you today.

Almost all of us have tried to change behaviour by using our willpower. Most likely you were unsuccessful making the changes you desired because of old programs you have running in the background and not understanding the language of the mind. You understand and accept that to update a computer, certain steps need to be taken in precise order and this is a bit the same with the mind. It is not so complicated, when you know how to change it. To do this, we need to give your mind new, powerful, clear instructions so that you feel and behave differently going forward​. Change really is possible and it's easier and quicker than you think. There is hope and there CAN be a more joyful and empowered life awaiting you.

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