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I help people who use alcohol to deal with stress or trauma, to build resilience and healthier coping skills

  • Do you drink to escape your feelings?

  • Do you use alcohol to block out painful memories?

  • Are you relying on alcohol more than you ever thought you would?

  • Has your drinking gotten out of hand?

  • Is it harder than you ever imagined it would be to reduce your alcohol intake?

  • Are you going to stop drinking tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes?

  • Is willpower alone not enough?

Get in touch with me to discover how it can be easier than you ever thought possible to gain control over your drinking and reclaim your life.

change is possible and it's easier than you think

Stop being dependent upon alcohol as a coping mechanism in life.  Put an end to hurting yourself and your body and step into your power.


Reduce your drinking and regain control over alcohol or quit and get sober without the 'white knuckle' cravings. 


Enjoy alcohol free days, feel the pride of being in control of your drinking or thrive with total sobriety. 


Change from the inside and watch your external world change around you.

Achieve resolution from past painful and traumatic experiences and set yourself free.  When emotional pain is your underlying reason for drinking and you find resolution and peace within you, you can simultaneously eliminate your 'need for a drink' and say goodbye to those intense cravings.


Gone are the days of needing to be in the office with a therapist.  The therapies I do, including trauma release type work is exceptionally powerful and effective, no matter where you are located around the globe.


Imagine this time next week being in control of your drinking & of your life.


Your story isn't finished.  Book me now for the next chapter of your life.